Explosions Heard in Occupied Mariupol as Ukrainian Partisans Continue Resistance

Residents in Mariupol, Ukraine are reporting the sounds of explosions in areas temporarily occupied by Russian troops, according to a statement from the Mariupol City Council. The noises of explosions have been particularly loud in the Primorskyi district and the 23rd neighborhood, as reported by local residents in various chat groups.

The city council also mentioned that the invaders have been communicating about the activity of air defense in the area. In recent times, explosions have become more frequent in the territories of Ukraine that are under temporary occupation by Russian troops, including Mariupol. Additionally, enemy weapons depots, military equipment, and manpower have been targeted and destroyed. Ukrainian partisans are also actively opposing the presence of invaders in the region.

The situation in Mariupol continues to be a cause for concern, with reports indicating that at least 8,000 people have died in the city from war-related causes. Human Rights Watch has highlighted the devastating impact of the ongoing conflict on the city’s population. The continued presence of Russian troops and the frequency of explosions in the area are signs of the prolonged instability and danger faced by the citizens of Mariupol.

The Ukrainian government continues to address the security and humanitarian concerns of the region, but the plight of the people in Mariupol remains critical. The international community closely monitors the developments in Ukraine and urges a peaceful resolution to the conflict to ensure the safety and well-being of the affected population.