Kansas City Man Charged in Connection to Three Fentanyl Deaths in Belton Leads to Indictments for 7 Metro Residents

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A Kansas City man has been charged in connection to three fentanyl deaths in Belton, as part of a broader drug-trafficking conspiracy involving multiple metro residents. Tiger Dean Draggoo, 23, faces charges of distributing fentanyl resulting in death on multiple occasions and multiple firearm-related charges. Federal grand jury indictments have also been made for six other Kansas City area residents for their alleged involvement in a drug-trafficking and money-laundering scheme, which also encompassed illegal firearm possession.

These indictments follow an initial charge against Tiger Draggoo alone on Feb. 7, 2023, which has been expanded to include the other defendants and additional charges. The group’s alleged criminal activities span from Dec. 1, 2021, to May 3, 2023. Evidence from police raids includes large sums of cash, 17 firearms, ballistic equipment, and drugs.

The charges reflect a significant effort to combat drug trafficking and related criminal activities in the Kansas City area. The involvement of multiple residents in the alleged conspiracy demonstrates the reach and impact of such operations on the local community.

The indictment of seven individuals and the evidence collected from police raids illustrate the extent of the alleged drug-trafficking and money-laundering scheme, as well as the illegal firearm possession. The charges underscore the severity of the consequences for those involved in such criminal activities, particularly when they result in deaths from drug distribution.

The case serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts by law enforcement to address drug-related crimes and their associated risks to public health and safety. The collaboration between federal authorities and local law enforcement highlights the coordinated approach taken to dismantle drug-trafficking operations and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.