Man Fatally Shot with Bow and Arrow in Clark County Homicide: Investigated by Sheriff’s Office

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Authorities in Clark County are currently investigating a tragic incident involving a homicide that occurred in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The disturbing incident involved a man being fatally shot with a bow and arrow, raising concerns and questions within the community.

According to reports from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, the emergency services received a distressing call just before 6:45 a.m. from a man reporting that he had used a bow and arrow to shoot another man following a heated altercation. Upon arrival at the scene on NE Petticoat Lane, deputies discovered a lifeless body with an arrow lodged in his chest in the driveway of a residence.

Eyewitnesses to the event revealed that they had witnessed a physical altercation between two individuals around 6 a.m., with one of the individuals leaving on foot while the other departed in a vehicle. The sequence of events led to a tragic outcome, as the two men eventually encountered each other again, resulting in a fatal confrontation.

The man who alerted authorities to the incident, identified as Richard Vanderhook, was later transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of minor injuries. Vanderhook, who provided the victim’s first name to investigators, has since been taken into custody on a charge of second-degree murder.

As the investigation into the homicide continues, law enforcement officials have not released the identity of the deceased individual, leaving the community awaiting further updates from authorities. The circumstances surrounding this senseless act of violence have caused shock and concern among residents in Clark County, as they grapple with the tragic consequences of the events that unfolded on that fateful morning.