Miniature Revolver: Gun Expert Analyzes Suspect in Finland School Shooting Case

Helsinki, Finland – Markku Talvisto, the owner of Asenurkka gun store in Helsinki, Finland, reviewed video footage of a shooting incident at Viertola primary school, where a 12-year-old suspect was involved. Talvisto suggested that the suspect may have been using a miniature weapon during the tragic event. The incident at the school resulted in the death of a 12-year-old child and left two other children with gunshot wounds.

According to Talvisto, the weapon used by the suspect appeared to be a miniature revolver, based on the analysis of the footage. He described the firearm as having a slender frame, possibly a .22 caliber miniature revolver. Additionally, Talvisto mentioned that such revolvers are often characterized by bone-white grips and are typically replicas of old Wild West-style firearms.

Law enforcement responded to the school after reports of multiple gunshots around 8:08 am UK time. The suspect, also 12 years old, was apprehended in the suburb of Siltamaki in Helsinki around 10 am local time. Following the incident, students were kept safe in their classrooms, with teachers locking the doors as a precaution.

During the arrest of the young suspect, footage was captured showing the type of weapon he had allegedly used. Talvisto noted that these miniature revolvers are not known for their accuracy and are often used for hunting purposes. The suspect’s arrest was witnessed by local residents, who were advised by authorities to stay indoors and away from the affected area. The Viertola primary school has approximately 800 students between the ages of seven and 15.

As the investigation into the incident continues, Finnish police assured the public that the immediate threat had been contained. The community, shocked by the events, remained vigilant, following safety protocols outlined by law enforcement. The school, which has two campuses, Liljatie and Jokiranta, had just resumed classes after the Easter holiday weekend. The victims and the suspect reportedly belonged to the same class within the school, according to reports from Finnish broadcaster MTV Uutiset.