Ohio “Mass Casualty Event in Ohio: Tornadoes Cause Multiple Deaths and Widespread Devastation”

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A series of violent storms and possible tornadoes caused multiple deaths in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana on Thursday night. The first tornado warnings were issued in Ohio around 8:30 p.m., with unconfirmed tornadoes and strong winds wreaking havoc throughout the region. Logan County in Ohio reported three confirmed deaths, prompting cleanup efforts to begin the following day.

The Logan County Emergency Management Agency declared a “mass casualty event” as numerous trees were downed and homes were damaged in the storm. Washington Township police confirmed deaths in Lakewood, Midway, and Orchard Island, prompting immediate response and triage efforts at Indian Lake High School.

Mary Rutan Hospital in Bellefontaine treated 19 patients with weather-related injuries, primarily bone fractures and concussions. Superintendent Rob Underwood noted the swift community response with volunteers, nurses, and mental health professionals rallying to help those affected by the storms.

Devastation continued in Ohio’s Logan and Delaware counties, with widespread damage reported from the violent storms. The aftermath left a trail of destruction, prompting Washington Township police chief Michael Thompson to describe the scene as chaotic and devastating.

In Indiana, a tornado tore through the town of Winchester, resulting in “many significant injuries” according to the Indiana State Police. While earlier reports indicated possible fatalities, no deaths were confirmed at a press conference. Indiana Task Force One was deployed to assist with search efforts in Winchester.

Kentucky also felt the impact of the storms, with Trimble County reporting damage to at least 50 structures, including homes. Governor Andy Beshear confirmed a tornado touchdown in Gallatin and Trimble counties and urged residents to stay vigilant as more storms were expected across the state.

Severe weather alerts stretched from northeast Texas to Indiana and Ohio, as the National Weather Service warned of continued risk well into the night. The state emergency operations centers were activated in response to the widespread damage caused by the storms.

Overall, the Midwest faced a night of destruction and uncertainty as communities grappled with the aftermath of the severe weather. The Associated Press contributed valuable information to this report.