Trump Calls for Mandatory Death Sentence for Cop Killers after NYPD Detective’s Murder

Green Bay, Wisconsin – Former President Donald Trump has renewed his push for mandatory death sentences for cop killers, following the tragic murder of NYPD Det. Jonathan Diller. Trump, 77, made this demand during a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where he called on Congress to pass legislation ensuring capital punishment for those convicted of killing police officers.

During his speech, Trump received a standing ovation from the crowd when he stated, “I will ask Congress to send a bill to my desk ensuring that anyone who murders a police officer will receive immediately the death penalty.” He emphasized that such measures would help bring an end to the violence against law enforcement officers.

This is not the first time Trump has advocated for executing convicted cop killers. As early as 2015, during his first presidential campaign, he vowed to sign an executive order mandating the death penalty for anyone killing a police officer. In 2018, at a tribute to slain NYPD officer Miosotis Familia, Trump reiterated his support for a mandatory death penalty for cop killers.

The recent incident involving the fatal shooting of Det. Diller by career criminal Guy Rivera has reignited discussions around capital punishment. Rivera, now facing charges for murder, attempted murder, and criminal possession of a weapon, was wounded during the exchange of gunfire that took Diller’s life.

Trump also used his platform to address other pressing issues, including the rise of migrant crime and the need to combat squatting in America. He criticized President Biden’s declaration of Trans Visibility Day on Easter Sunday, predicting that Christians would turn out in record numbers on Election Day to support his return to the Oval Office.

The former president expressed his admiration for the Diller family, particularly highlighting Stephanie, Diller’s widow, as “incredible.” He described the love and respect shown for Diller at his wake, noting the overwhelming presence of police officers paying their respects.

As the debate on capital punishment continues, Trump’s call for mandatory death sentences for cop killers reflects a stance he has held for several years. With ongoing efforts to address law enforcement safety and combat violent crime, the discourse surrounding the treatment of those who target police officers remains a contentious issue in the political landscape.