Eyeball-Eating Suspect Arrested in Violent Las Vegas Attack

Las Vegas, Nevada – Authorities in Las Vegas were shocked by a violent attack that left a victim missing an eyeball and an ear. The incident, which unfolded in a 7-Eleven parking lot, involved a man named Colin Czech, 31, who was found kneeling beside the victim with blood on his face and hands, as well as biological matter on his face, hands, mouth, and clothing.

Police were alerted to the situation after a 911 call reporting a fight in the parking lot. Witnesses described seeing Czech assaulting the victim, identified only as Kenneth, in a brutal and paranoid manner. When officers arrived at the scene, Czech remained unresponsive to their inquiries about the incident, offering only a blank stare.

With Kenneth rushed to the UMC Trauma Center, where he tragically passed away, attention turned to Czech’s behavior and claims. He alleged that he was fighting a “shape-shifter” and that voices in his head were compelling him to kill the victim. Czech confessed to using his teeth to inflict harm, claiming a “higher power” assisted him in consuming the victim’s eyeballs and ears.

An investigation revealed the gruesome reality of the attack, with Kenneth’s body missing a left eye and a left ear, and signs of severe head trauma indicating forceful impact with the concrete. Czech, after being discharged from the hospital, faced murder charges and was apprehended for his actions.

The disturbing nature of the incident raises questions about mental health resources and substance abuse support for individuals like Czech, who claimed to be homeless and tormented by consecutive sleepless nights. As the case unfolds, authorities seek to understand the motivations behind such a harrowing act of violence.