Explosion at Hidden Crest Drive: Fatal Incident Under Investigatio

Somerset, Kentucky – An investigation is currently underway following a tragic explosion that resulted in the death of a resident on Hidden Crest Drive this past Saturday morning. Chris Fineberg, aged 43, lost his life in the explosion that obliterated an outbuilding on the property around 10 a.m.

Authorities have disclosed that the shed housed fireworks, and there is suspicion that something triggered the ignition of these fireworks. The exact cause of the explosion remains unknown at this time and is actively being looked into by investigators.

Fineberg, who held a supervisory position at AHF Manufacturing, was also known to operate a side business where he manufactured and sold fireworks, especially around the Fourth of July season. The community has been deeply affected by the loss of Fineberg, with friends and colleagues expressing their condolences on social media platforms.

Over the weekend, it was reported by Pulaski Director of Emergency Management that two other individuals sustained injuries as a result of the explosion. Updates on their condition have not been released as of Monday afternoon.

Apart from the shed’s destruction, Fineberg’s residence suffered damages from the explosion, as confirmed by officials. The aftermath of the blast also caused property damage in the surrounding area, highlighting the significant impact of the incident on the neighborhood.

Residents have been urged to stay away from the vicinity of the explosion due to the extensive debris field, which spans approximately 200 yards. As a precautionary measure, authorities advise anyone who encounters debris to refrain from touching it and instead contact relevant agencies such as the ATF for assistance.

Eyewitnesses in the neighborhood, like David Daring, shared their accounts of hearing a loud explosion followed by alarming sounds. The column of smoke and bright lights visible after the explosion left many shaken, with reports indicating the sound carried for miles around.

Various law enforcement and emergency response teams, including the Somerset Police Department and Kentucky State Police, have been involved in the ongoing investigation into the explosion. With multiple agencies collaborating on the case, efforts are being made to determine the circumstances that led to this tragic event.