Explosion in Somerset Neighborhood Claims One Life as ATF Investigates Cause

Somerset, Kentucky – A tragic incident unfolded in a neighborhood in Somerset, Kentucky, as the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the death of one individual following an explosion on Sunday morning. Multiple agencies responded to the 200 block of Hidden Crest Drive after reports of the explosion. Upon their arrival, authorities discovered significant damage, including a destroyed garage and other property damage in the area.

Sadly, a male was found deceased at the scene. The cause of the explosion is under investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives (ATF) and is believed to be linked to fireworks and other materials stored in the garage. The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office is also conducting a death investigation in relation to this tragic event.

Amidst the investigation, the Sheriff’s Office reassures the public that there are no current threats to public safety. Citizens are advised to avoid the area and to refrain from touching any debris that may be related to the explosion. Instead, individuals are urged to notify the ATF or local law enforcement if they come across any suspicious materials.

As of now, no other injuries have been reported. The community is left to grapple with the aftermath of this devastating incident, as authorities work diligently to determine the cause of the explosion and ensure the safety of the area. The impact of such events serves as a stark reminder of the importance of handling fireworks and hazardous materials with utmost care and caution. The local authorities are committed to providing updates as the investigation progresses, keeping the public informed and involved in the process.