Memorial Ride Honors Victims of Henryetta Mass Murder

HENRYETTA, Oklahoma – In a solemn tribute, a community in Henryetta, Oklahoma, united to honor the memory of five teenagers tragically killed by a convicted rapist in the previous year. The memorial motorcycle ride held at Nichols Park served as a poignant reminder of the lives lost as family and friends gathered to pay their respects.

The victims, Brittany Brewer, Ivy Webster, Tiffany Guess, Rylee Allen, and Michael Mayo, were senselessly taken by convicted rapist Jesse McFadden who also killed his wife, Holly, before taking his own life. The devastating loss continues to weigh heavily on the victims’ families, with Janette Mayo, the grandmother of three of the teenagers, sharing her heartbreak.

Janette Mayo, bereaved by the unimaginable tragedy that befell her loved ones, expressed her ongoing anguish and sorrow. The pain of losing Tiffany, Rylee, and Michael lingers, as she voices her sentiments by refusing to associate herself with the perpetrator’s name. She emphasized that the youths’ futures were unjustly stolen from them, leaving a void that can never be filled.

Amid the community’s grief, Nathan Brewer, father of Brittany, described his daughter as a compassionate and selfless individual who impacted those around her. He underscored the importance of raising awareness about the consequences of such heinous crimes, partnering with organizations like Oklahoma Predator Prevention to advocate for justice and prevention.

Reflecting on the tragic events that cut short the lives of the teenagers, Nathan reiterated the need for stronger laws to ensure offenders serve their full sentences for crimes against children. The passage of a bill in the Oklahoma House of Representatives aimed at addressing these concerns provided a glimmer of hope before facing obstacles later on.

Despite setbacks in legislative efforts, Nathan remains steadfast in his mission to promote awareness and prevent similar tragedies from recurring. By sharing the stories of the lives lost, the memorial ride serves as a poignant reminder of the vibrant futures that were abruptly cut short. The community’s commitment to honoring the victims year after year underscores the enduring impact of the tragedy on Henryetta.