Mother Fights for Justice as Alleged Killer is Back Behind Bars in Arkansas

PINE BLUFF, Ark. – A mother in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, is relentless in her pursuit of justice for her daughter, despite the alleged killer being apprehended once more.

The Pine Bluff Police Department confirmed the re-arrest of 24-year-old Donovan Cuthbertson, the suspect in the tragic killing of 33-year-old Racheal Crouch in Pine Bluff last year. Cuthbertson was found in the Dollarway area of Pine Bluff and taken into custody.

After being previously incarcerated and awaiting trial, Cuthbertson had been released due to a technicality. The victim’s mother, Elberta Crouch, expressed her relief at the news of his incarceration.

On what would have been her daughter’s 34th birthday, Elberta Crouch finds solace in the knowledge that the man accused of her daughter’s murder is back in custody. She remains determined to seek justice for her child.

Cuthbertson had an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court for the trial related to Racheal Crouch’s death and the shooting of another individual in Pine Bluff. Authorities revealed that he had been on the run since his release.

Expressing frustration over the delay in formal charges being filed, Crouch voiced her disappointment in the system’s handling of the case. She described her daughter as a kind-hearted and compassionate individual who did not deserve the tragedy that befell her.

Crouch’s ultimate wish is for the case to proceed to trial, allowing her daughter to finally find peace. She carries her daughter’s memory with her every day, determined to ensure that justice is served.