Los Angeles, California – Public transit riders in Los Angeles are expressing concerns about safety on buses and trains following a recent violent attack on an L.A. Dash bus operator. The incident, captured on video, involved a homeless woman who assaulted the bus driver after being refused entry onto the bus. This event has raised alarms among riders regarding safety on the city and county’s public transit systems.

The violent struggle between the bus operator and the homeless woman was captured on footage obtained by KTLA, showing the homeless woman dragging the driver from behind a plexiglass barrier off the bus and onto the sidewalk. The driver fought back as the attack continued, eventually managing to get back into her vehicle and drive off. This incident has highlighted the risks faced by bus operators and passengers on public transportation.

In response to ongoing safety concerns, some Dash passengers, like Sandra Pizano, have expressed wariness about riding Metro buses and trains operated by the county’s Metropolitan Transit Authority. This sentiment follows a series of violent incidents, including a stabbing death on a Metro train and an attack on a bus driver in Willowbrook.

The safety concerns have prompted some Metro operators to stage a “sick out” protest, drawing attention to the need for increased security measures on public transit. Authorities have attributed many of these attacks to untreated mental illness and drug addiction, emphasizing the importance of addressing these underlying issues to improve safety for riders and operators.

Earl Hutchinson, President of the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable, has called for the implementation of roving security teams on public transit to enhance protection for drivers and passengers. Metro has responded by deploying security officers on high-risk bus lines and working on plans for dedicated transit security teams.

As the debate over public transit safety continues, passengers like Laura Ismael are calling for swift action to address the escalating risks faced by bus riders and operators. The aftermath of the recent attacks has highlighted the need for proactive measures to ensure the safety and security of all individuals using public transportation in Los Angeles.