Suspect Identified in Tragic Shooting of Female Entrepreneur in DeKalb County, Family Calls for Arrest

DeKalb County, Georgia – A tragic incident unfolded in DeKalb County last week when a 35-year-old woman, Jalisa Abney, was shot and killed by someone she knew, sparking outrage and a call for justice from her grieving family. Abney, described as a hardworking entrepreneur who owned two businesses, including a trucking company and a tint company, was fatally shot at the truck lot where her businesses operated. The family is now demanding that the perpetrator be brought to justice.

The devastating news of Abney’s shooting came suddenly for her family, with her cousin Norell Combs recalling receiving a text message about the incident while at work. Despite the distance between them, Combs immediately made the journey from Columbus, Georgia, to Atlanta upon hearing the news, only to tragically witness Abney pass away the following day.

As the family mourned their loss, they grew concerned about the lack of media coverage surrounding Abney’s killing. With the suspect known to them but unidentified to the public, the family expressed frustration at the delay in seeing justice served. They emphasized that Abney, who had reportedly done nothing to harm the perpetrator, was caught off guard and had no opportunity to defend herself.

Seeking answers, the family turned to the DeKalb County Police Department, prompting a response assuring that the suspect had been identified and that efforts were underway to locate and apprehend them. While the process of justice unfolds, the family remains hopeful but impatient for a resolution, urging authorities to act swiftly in bringing the perpetrator to justice for Abney’s senseless death.

As the investigation continues, anyone with information related to the case is urged to come forward by contacting the DeKalb County Police Department. The family remains steadfast in their pursuit of justice for Abney, a beloved entrepreneur whose life was tragically cut short by a senseless act of violence.