East Bay Man Killed in Hayward Shooting Leaves Community in Shock

Hayward, California – The shooting of 45-year-old Yosef Barca in Hayward, California, in January went unannounced by police, causing confusion and conflicting reports surrounding the incident. Barca, a resident of San Leandro, was fatally shot inside a home on Poplar Avenue. The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the case, which remains unresolved as no charges have been filed yet.

Witnesses provided contradicting accounts of the events leading to Barca’s death. A woman arriving at the scene claimed she shot Barca in self-defense, alleging he had attacked her during an argument in the home. The woman had a restraining order against Barca due to alleged domestic violence. Despite her claims of self-defense, the nature of Barca’s injuries, consisting of multiple gunshot wounds, raises questions about the circumstances of his death.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office was caught off guard by the media attention surrounding an unrelated lawsuit on the day after Barca’s death, leading to the oversight in announcing the fatal shooting. According to court records, the woman who confessed to shooting Barca reportedly had visible fresh scratches and bruises, indicating a physical altercation took place prior to the shooting.

Neighbors reported hearing gunshots followed by a pause and then more gunshots, adding to the complexity of the case. Another woman present at the scene stated that she witnessed Barca assaulting the shooter, but her account differed from the admitted shooter’s version of events. The restraining order against Barca contained allegations of prior violence, further clouding the circumstances surrounding his death.

A GoFundMe page established for Barca’s family describes him as a beloved son and community member, emphasizing the impact of his untimely death. The investigation into Barca’s shooting underscores the challenges law enforcement faces in unraveling the complexities of interpersonal conflicts leading to tragic outcomes. As authorities continue to search for answers, the community mourns the loss of Barca and grapples with the uncertainties surrounding his death.