Assaulted woman escapes through bathroom window in drunken rampage: Dunfermline man jailed for shocking attack

Dunfermline, Scotland – Roy Ramsay has been sentenced to two years in jail for a disturbing assault on his then-partner. The violent incident occurred in Lansdowne Crescent, Kincardine, where Ramsay repeatedly attacked the woman, causing her serious injuries.

According to Depute fiscal Isma Mukhtar, Ramsay and the victim had been in a relationship since early 2022. On the day of the assault, they had been drinking together at home and then went to a bar in Alloa. An argument ensued, leading the woman to return home alone, where Ramsay’s violent actions took place.

Describing the harrowing encounter, the victim recalled Ramsay grabbing her by the neck and throwing her against a banister. She feared losing consciousness as he put pressure on her neck, shouting for her children in sheer terror. Thankfully, she managed to escape through a bathroom window and seek refuge at her cousin’s house, who promptly called the authorities.

Upon arrest, Ramsay claimed to have little recollection of the events, blaming excessive alcohol consumption for his actions. Despite expressing remorse, he fully accepted responsibility for his actions.

During the sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court, Sheriff Susan Duff took into account the severity of the assault and the victim’s statement that she feared for her life during the attack. In addition to the two-year jail term, Ramsay was also issued a three-year non-harassment order.

The victim, left with a black eye, swollen face, and other injuries, serves as a chilling reminder of the consequences of domestic violence. The case highlights the importance of seeking help and protection in situations of abuse, underscoring the need for swift and severe legal consequences for perpetrators of such heinous acts.