Evacuation Crisis Hits Youngstown Residents After Building Explosion

Youngstown, Ohio – Dozens of residents in Youngstown, Ohio, were abruptly evacuated from their homes with only a few days’ notice following the explosion of a nearby building two weeks ago. The blast left the surrounding area unstable, prompting city leaders to take swift action to ensure the safety of the residents.

Among those affected is Clifton Mills Sr., a tenant at International Towers, a complex adjacent to the Realty Building where the explosion occurred on May 28th. Concerns about the structural integrity of the Realty Building have led officials to mandate evacuations by Friday, leaving many residents, mostly seniors, scrambling to find alternative housing.

Expressing frustration, Mills questioned the delay in the city’s decision-making process, wondering why it took two weeks for the evacuation order to be issued. Mayor Jamael Tito Brown defended the timing, explaining that without a structural engineer’s report earlier on, they lacked sufficient information to act sooner.

The community is in a state of uncertainty as they continue to mourn the loss of Akil Drake, a 27-year-old Chase Bank employee who tragically died in the explosion. Residents like William Kinnard, also residing at International Towers, are left unsure of their next steps, with some lacking family support and relying on assistance from agencies and organizations during this difficult time.

To aid in the transition, the American Red Cross and local community partners have stepped in to provide support and resources to those displaced by the evacuation order. The collaborative efforts seek to alleviate the burden on affected residents and ensure a smoother process as they navigate this challenging situation.

With safety as the top priority, officials in Youngstown are working diligently to address the aftermath of the explosion and its impact on the community. As residents grapple with the sudden displacement and loss, solidarity and support from various organizations aim to offer a glimmer of hope amidst the turmoil.