“Plot”ter of Rs 300 Crore Property Murdered Father-in-Law, Paid 1 Crore

Nagpur, India: A shocking murder conspiracy has been unveiled in Nagpur, involving an assistant director in the town planning department, Archana Manish Puttewar. The gruesome plot is said to be centered around the inheritance of a staggering 300 crore rupee family property. Puttewar stands accused of orchestrating the murder of her father-in-law, 82-year-old Purushottam Puttewar, in what was made to look like a hit-and-run accident.

The investigation revealed that Puttewar allegedly paid about a crore rupees to have her father-in-law eliminated. This involved hiring individuals to carry out the sinister act, which was meant to give the appearance of a tragic accident. The motive behind the heinous crime appears to have been the desire to gain control of the substantial family assets.

According to police reports, Puttewar collaborated with her husband’s driver Bagde, along with two other accomplices named Neeraj Nimje and Sachin Dharmik, in planning the murder. The suspects have been charged with murder and various offenses under the Indian Penal Code and Motor Vehicles Act. Significant items such as two cars, gold jewelry, and mobile phones have been seized in connection with the case.

Further investigations into the incident suggest that Purushottam Puttewar was intentionally targeted on his way back from visiting his wife in the hospital. Allegedly, the hired car struck him down, leading to his demise. Meanwhile, questions have been raised regarding Puttewar’s conduct in the town planning department, with allegations of misconduct and irregularities surfacing.

The arrest and serious accusations leveled against Puttewar may shed light on potential corruption within the town planning department, as concerns about improper practices and unethical behavior are being raised. The case highlights the extent to which individuals may go to secure wealth and power, even at the cost of committing unspeakable acts. The legal proceedings surrounding this chilling murder plot are anticipated to unravel more details as the investigation unfolds.