Stabbing Suspect Arrested After Attack on US College Instructors in China, Police Say

Hong Kong – A suspect has been taken into custody for the stabbing of four American college teachers at a public park in Jilin, China. The suspect, identified only as Cui, a 55-year-old resident of Longtan District, allegedly had a confrontation with a foreigner in Beishan Park before attacking the instructors and a Chinese tourist who intervened.

The incident took place on Monday morning, leading to the speedy arrival of law enforcement and medical personnel who provided treatment to the injured victims. Fortunately, all those harmed are reported to be in stable condition after receiving necessary medical attention.

The educators, affiliated with Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa, were in Jilin as part of an academic program with Beihua University. According to officials, students were not involved in the program, which aimed to foster educational collaboration between the two institutions.

Reports of the attack emerged on social media, showcasing the aftermath and prompting concerns and discussions about safety and security. The Iowa State Representative confirmed that one of the victims was his brother, who fortunately survived the assault and is currently recovering from his injuries.

The stabbing incident is unusual in China, a country known for strict gun regulations and low rates of violent crime. However, sporadic cases of knife attacks in public spaces have occurred in recent years, raising questions about safety measures and law enforcement protocols.

Despite the incident, China remains committed to promoting international educational exchanges and cooperation with the United States. The Foreign Ministry assured that the attack would not hinder partnerships between the two countries, highlighting the importance of people-to-people relations and cultural understanding.

As the investigation into the stabbing continues, authorities are emphasizing the need for continued vigilance and efforts to ensure the safety of all individuals in China, including foreign visitors. This incident serves as a reminder of the challenges and risks associated with global interactions and underscores the importance of fostering mutual respect and cooperation in an increasingly interconnected world.