Explosive Device Rocks Bridgeport Apartment Building, Investigation Underway

Bridgeport, Connecticut – Authorities are currently investigating an explosion that occurred in a Bridgeport, Connecticut apartment building. The blast caused by an explosive device resulted in significant damage to the structure, prompting the evacuation of approximately 150 individuals in the vicinity. While fortunately, no injuries have been reported, the incident is being treated with utmost seriousness as law enforcement officials comb through the building for further information.

During a news conference held by Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim, it was highlighted that despite the absence of reported injuries, the situation remains critical. Law enforcement officials have been active at the scene since the early hours of Thursday morning, with police officers and firefighters working together to assess the damage caused by the explosive device.

Bridgeport Police Chief Roderick Porter disclosed during the news conference that law enforcement agencies are in conversation with a person of interest who may potentially be linked to the incident. The ongoing investigation involves collaboration between the Bridgeport Police Department Detective Bureau, the Connecticut State Police, and the FBI to determine the nature and origin of the explosive device used.

FBI New Haven Public Affairs Specialist Charles Grady assured the public that the incident seems to be isolated, with no continued threat to the community. While investigations are ongoing, there is a consensus that the immediate area is no longer at risk. As a precautionary measure, Geraldine Johnson Elementary School, located nearby, closed its doors for the day due to police activity in the surrounding area.

The Bridgeport community remains on edge as authorities strive to unravel the circumstances behind the explosion and ensure the safety of its residents. As the investigation unfolds, residents are urged to remain vigilant and report any relevant information to aid law enforcement in their efforts to bring about resolution and peace to the area.