Legacy: Family of Charleston Mass Shooting Victim Honors Father with Museum Exhibit

MULLINS, SC – The legacy of a man tragically killed in the Charleston mass shooting of 2015 is being honored by his family in a remarkable display of forgiveness and remembrance. Dr. Daniel Simmons Jr. was one of the victims who lost their lives in the devastating incident at Mother Emmanuel AME Church during a Bible study session.

The daughter of Daniel Simmons, Rose Simmons, described her father as a significant figure in her life, highlighting his achievements, responsible nature, focus, and generosity. This admiration for her father prompted the Mayor of Mullins, Robert Woodbury, to declare June 12, 2024, as Reverend Doctor Daniel Simmons Day in the city. The proclamation solidifies the city’s respect for Simmons and the desire to preserve his legacy in his hometown.

A ceremony was held to honor Simmons and unveil a new exhibit at the Mullins South Carolina Tobacco Museum, where the family gathered to commemorate his life. Museum curator Ronda Bain expressed admiration for the family’s remarkable ability to embody forgiveness and love in the face of adversity. Forgiveness, as Rose Simmons explained, is a way to honor her father’s memory and release any bitterness from the past.

The exhibit, planned to open in February 2025, will serve as a tribute to Dr. Daniel Simmons Jr. and his enduring impact on the community. Rose Simmons expressed overwhelming gratitude and pride in her father, emphasizing the significance of preserving his memory.

The family’s decision to create a legacy for Dr. Simmons demonstrates their resilience, compassion, and commitment to forgiveness in the wake of tragedy. The exhibit at the museum will stand as a testament to Simmons’ life, values, and the enduring impact he had on those around him. Through forgiveness and remembrance, the Simmons family continues to honor their beloved patriarch and inspire others to find strength in forgiveness.