Murderer Sentenced for Killing Two Men in Rochester Gang Violence and Ambush on Police Officer

Rochester, New York — In a culmination of events marred by violence and tragedy, a man faces sentencing for the murders of two individuals on North Clinton Avenue. The incidents unfolded in the wake of Officer Tony Mazurkiewicz’s death in an ambush, highlighting a series of tragic events that rocked the community.

Raheim Robinson, convicted of fatally shooting Ricky Collinge Jr. and MyJel Rand in the early hours of July 20, 2022, will learn his fate during the sentencing. Alongside his two co-defendants, Kelvin Vickers and Deadrick Fulwiley, justice has been served for the two lives lost as a result of the violence that ensued.

Robinson’s criminal offenses extend beyond first-degree murder, encompassing charges of attempted murder, arson, and firearm violations. The ripple effects of the violence also left another individual injured during the turmoil that stemmed from illegal marijuana transactions leading to escalating gang conflicts.

As Officer Mazurkiewicz, accompanied by Officer Sino Seng, delved into the investigation surrounding the murders, they encountered a tragic turn of events when they were ambushed on Bauman Street. The fatal shooting of Mazurkiewicz and injuries sustained by Seng marked a somber chapter in law enforcement, met with accountability as Vickers, hailing from Boston and identified as a key figure in the gang activity, was found guilty of the heinous crimes.

Vickers now faces a life sentence devoid of the possibility of parole, serving as a solemn reminder of the devastating consequences wrought by the intertwining paths of violence and crime. The courtroom proceedings serve as a cathartic moment for the families affected by the loss of loved ones and the community at large, seeking closure and justice amidst a dark period marked by senseless acts of violence.