Shooting Spree Unfolds in Houston: Police Investigate Two Scenes in South Acres Area

Houston, Texas – Houston Police Department responded to two shooting incidents, just 16 minutes apart and less than half a mile away from each other, on the city’s southeast side.

The first call came in at 7:23 p.m. at 5540 Selinsky Road, where officers discovered one person dead and a 16-year-old victim of a pistol-whipping. Shortly after, at 7:39 p.m., another call reported a second shooting at 5599 Cedarburg Drive.

At the scene on Selinsky Road, witnesses informed police that they saw a white Nissan fleeing the area. The vehicle was later found at the Cedarburg Drive scene, where an injured person was located and rushed to the hospital with their condition unknown.

HPD Lt. Larry Crowson revealed that the victim found on Selinsky Road was a young Black male who had been shot to death. At this time, the police have not disclosed any information regarding the events leading to the shootings or the motive behind the violence.

In addition to these incidents, Houston police were dealing with two other unrelated shootings earlier in the day, one in Gulfton and another in Alief which involved the killing of a suspect in a home invasion.

Investigations into the two shooting incidents on the southeast side of Houston are ongoing as authorities work to uncover the details surrounding the tragic events.

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