Convict on Death Row Charged in 1998 Utah Murder Case

Salt Lake City, Utah – Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill has recently charged California death row inmate Chester Dewayne Turner for the 1998 killing of Itisha Camp, adding another layer to the notorious serial killer’s list of crimes.

Turner, now 58 years old, has been accused of one count of first-degree felony aggravated murder for Camp’s death. Already serving time on death row in San Quentin Prison for 14 murders and rapes committed between 1987 and 1998, Turner’s criminal record is nothing short of chilling. His past convictions include 10 killings in 2007 and an additional four in 2014.

The discovery of Camp’s body in 1998 sparked a decades-long investigation, finally leading to evidence linking Turner to the crime scene. Reports indicated that Camp’s body was found behind a business on 900 South in Salt Lake City by three juveniles. Strangled to death with a scarf, Court documents revealed that she was partially undressed at the bottom of a cement stairwell, with suspicions that she may have been involved in sex work at the time.

The breakthrough in the case came through DNA evidence found on Camp’s body, pointing directly to Turner. Further investigations disclosed that Turner, who was on parole in California for auto theft around the time of Camp’s murder, had potentially sought refuge in Utah during that period.

In a statement addressing the development, District Attorney Sim Gill emphasized the significance of bringing some closure to Camp’s loved ones after years of uncertainty. The relentless pursuit and dedication of Salt Lake City Police detectives in solving this cold case were highlighted as instrumental in ensuring that justice was served in Camp’s tragic demise.