Jackson Man Arrested for Alleged Involvement in Loranger Mother and Child Murders

Jackson, Mississippi – A man accused of the murder of a Loranger mother and her 3-year-old child has been taken into custody in Mississippi, with an alleged accomplice also being arrested in Jackson. Daniel Callihan, 36, has been booked into the Rankin County Detention Center in Brandon, Mississippi. According to Jackson Police Chief Joseph Wade, Victoria Cox, 32, was the arrested accomplice, believed to be potentially Callihan’s girlfriend. Authorities are investigating her role in connection with the murders.

Law enforcement received information indicating that Callihan may have had an accomplice, leading them to locate Cox at a hotel in Jackson. Wade emphasized the need to determine Cox’s exact involvement and stated that she will be held accountable for her actions. The tragic events spanned from Tangipahoa to South Jackson, with the possibility of both Callihan and Cox facing serious charges. The investigation also revealed a potential human trafficking site, complicating the extradition process back to Louisiana.

The Hinds County District Attorney, Jody E. Owens II, expressed support for the ongoing investigation and commended the efforts of law enforcement in apprehending Callihan. The FBI is actively involved in the case, working closely with local authorities to uncover the full scope of the tragedy. The search for two missing Louisiana children ended tragically in Jackson, where Callihan was arrested in connection with a homicide, leading to the discovery of Erin’s body and the rescue of 6-year-old Jalie.

Court records from Tangipahoa Parish highlight Callihan’s criminal history, showing multiple arrests dating back to 2008 for felony offenses such as burglary and aggravated battery. Despite previous convictions and probation violations, Callihan’s release in 2019 raises questions about the handling of his case. The tragic events have sparked concerns about the safety of the community and the need for stricter enforcement of probation regulations to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Overall, the case involving Callihan and Cox underscores the complexities of criminal investigations and the challenges faced by law enforcement in addressing violent crimes. The impact of their actions has reverberated across state lines, prompting a collaborative effort among law enforcement agencies to seek justice for the victims and hold the perpetrators accountable for their crimes. As the investigation continues to unfold, authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward and assist in bringing closure to this heartbreaking tragedy.