Youths terrorizing Exmouth town prompts united effort from parents and residents fighting back against escalating anti-social behavior

Exmouth, a coastal town in Devon, England, is grappling with a surge in anti-social behavior by unruly youths, causing fear and distress among residents and parents. The community has come together to address the escalating issue after a 14-year-old schoolboy was viciously attacked by a group of teenagers in broad daylight, sparking outrage and concern throughout the town.

The incident occurred on The Strand on a Tuesday afternoon, where the young boy was assaulted by several individuals before being chased onto a main road by a mob of around 13 youths. Passersby intervened, assisting the victim into a taxi and transporting him to the hospital for medical attention. His injuries, which included severe bruising and cuts, were examined, and he was eventually released.

The boy’s mother, Jenna Savage, has bravely spoken out about the brutal attack on her son, condemning the unjustified violence and calling for an end to such behavior. According to Jenna, her son was targeted by a group of teenagers with whom he had previous issues, leading to a confrontation that quickly escalated into a physical assault. The incident, captured on video, showcased the harsh reality of the attack, leaving Jenna and other parents shocked and outraged.

In response to the incident, Jenna shared details on a community Facebook page, Exmouth Community UK, to gather evidence and support from other parents whose children have also fallen victim to similar attacks in the town. The overwhelming response from the community highlighted the widespread impact of youth violence in Exmouth, with many sharing their own harrowing experiences.

Since the attack, Jenna has reported a death threat against her son on social media and faced verbal abuse from teenagers outside her home, emphasizing the urgent need for action to combat the rising trend of anti-social behavior. Together with other concerned parents, Jenna is compiling information to present to local authorities, urging for measures to ensure the safety and well-being of residents and their children in the town.

The formation of a private Facebook group, “Keep Our Kids Safe Exmouth,” aims to unite community members in standing against anti-social behavior and fostering a safer environment for children. With the growing support and solidarity from the community, there is hope for positive change and a renewed sense of security in Exmouth. Residents are determined to address the root causes of youth violence and work collaboratively with authorities to create a safer and more welcoming community for all.