Abduction Suspect Admits Crimes, Deserves Death Penalty: Man Arrested in Deadly Case in Mississippi

Jackson, Mississippi – A man facing charges in the abduction of two Louisiana children and the killing of one of them has admitted to his crimes to authorities and believes he deserves the death penalty.

Daniel Callihan has been charged with capital murder and sexual battery after being arrested for abducting two girls from Louisiana and bringing them into Mississippi. Victoria Cox, an alleged accomplice in the killings, has also been arrested, according to Mississippi police.

Callihan, led out of Jackson police headquarters, confessed to reporters that he committed the crimes while being taken to a police car. He mentioned being sober, on and off an antidepressant called Lexapro, and diagnosed with multiple personality disorder.

The 4-year-old victim, Erin, was killed by Callihan, while her 6-year-old sister, Jalie, was found alive in the woods and taken for medical treatment. Jackson Police Chief Joseph Wade described the scene as “horrible” and “tragic,” hinting at a possible link to human trafficking at the location where the girls were found.

In addition to the girls, Callihan is also believed to have killed their mother, Callie Brunett, in their home in Loranger, Louisiana, a few hours away from where the children were discovered.

Callihan expressed remorse, admitting to his actions and stating that lethal injection would be the easiest punishment for him. The police chief assured thorough investigation of the crime scene and prosecution of those responsible.

The FBI has taken the lead in the investigation, aiming to bring justice to the victims and their family in the wake of this tragic event in Mississippi.