Road-Rage Attack at LAX Leaves Elderly Woman Unconscious: Suspect on the Run

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Police are actively searching for a 38-year-old man involved in a disturbing road-rage incident at Los Angeles International Airport that resulted in an elderly woman being left unconscious on the street. The authorities made this announcement on Thursday.

The violent incident, captured on LAX surveillance cameras, took place on May 31 just before 9:30 a.m., as documented in a news release from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Pacific-LAX Division. In the footage, the elderly victim can be seen checking her luggage curbside alongside three other individuals.

The situation escalated when two men engaged in a fistfight due to a previous incident of road rage. They then ran off the sidewalk toward the victim’s vehicle, where one of them brutally struck the woman in the head, causing her to lose consciousness and sustain major injuries, as reported by KTLA.

Paramedics from the Los Angeles Fire Department rushed the woman to the hospital in critical condition. Thankfully, she has since been released from the hospital, although details regarding the extent of her injuries were not disclosed.

One of the suspects involved in the altercation, observed shirtless in the surveillance footage, surrendered himself to the authorities and has been arrested. The second suspect, identified as Jasan Givens Sr., initially fled the scene but was later apprehended on Friday morning. He currently faces charges of felony battery and is being held on $50,000 bail.

Detective Scott Danielson of the LAPD expressed shock over the incident, emphasizing the need for public assistance in identifying the suspects. Anyone with information is urged to contact LAPD’s Pacific/LAX Detective Danielson at 424-646-8303 or 310-646-2255.

The disturbing nature of this road-rage incident serves as a reminder of the potential dangers that can arise from such incidents. The lack of aid provided to the victim highlights the callousness of the individuals involved, leaving the community shaken and in search of justice for the elderly woman harmed at LAX.