Domestic Violence Assault: Woman Hides in Paddock to Call Police After Vicious Attack in NSW

Orange, New South Wales – A woman made a desperate call to the police after enduring a horrifying attack by her boyfriend on an isolated property in central west NSW. The 32-year-old farm manager pleaded guilty to two counts of domestic violence assault in connection to the incident, which left the victim severely battered and traumatized. The attack involved pushing the woman through a glass window, dragging her by the hair, and repeatedly jumping on her while uttering the disturbing words: “I love you, everything will be alright.”

During the court proceedings, Magistrate David Day described the assault as “very serious and very violent,” highlighting the alarming rates of domestic violence in rural areas compared to urban settings. The severity of the attack led to the man being denied bail, with the court considering the potential risks to the victim’s safety.

According to police documents presented in court, the altercation began in the early hours of Sunday when the woman attempted to flee in a car. However, the man forcefully dragged her, causing her injuries as he pushed her through a window, leaving shattered glass in their wake. Despite her cries and pleas, the man continued his brutal assault, escalating it further with each passing moment.

The victim’s harrowing ordeal continued as she was dragged through the house, kicked while lying on the floor, and subjected to relentless physical violence. In a poignant moment during the attack, the woman tried to call for help but was thwarted when the man seized her phone and fled the scene. In a stroke of bravery, the woman managed to seize the man’s phone and seek refuge in a paddock to contact law enforcement.

The severity and prolonged nature of the assault prompted the court to reject the man’s bail application, with the judge expressing concerns for the victim’s safety. Despite claims of no prior history of violence, the court emphasized the gravity of the offense and the need for accountability in cases of domestic violence. As the case unfolds, the community remains on edge, grappling with the harsh reality of such vicious attacks occurring in their midst.