Shooting in Frayser Leaves Man Dead, Police Seek Information

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The city of Memphis was shaken by tragedy on Sunday afternoon as a shooting incident in the Frayser area left one man dead. Authorities were called to 4258 Overton Crossing following reports of a shooting victim at 4:24 p.m.

The male victim, who had been transported by private vehicle, was found to have been shot at the intersection of Smith Ridge and Smith Ridge Cove. Despite efforts to save him, he was rushed to Regional One Hospital in critical condition where he was later pronounced deceased.

As of now, the police have not released any information regarding the suspects involved in the shooting. The community is urged to come forward with any details they may have by contacting Memphis CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH.

This tragic incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges and violence faced by communities in the Frayser area. The loss of life underscores the need for collaborative efforts to address and prevent such senseless acts of violence in the future.

Authorities are continuing their investigation into the circumstances surrounding the shooting, hoping to bring justice for the victim and his loved ones. The community is encouraged to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities to law enforcement to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.

As the city of Memphis mourns the loss of another life to gun violence, it is imperative for residents to come together and support each other during these difficult times. The impact of such incidents reverberates through the entire community, highlighting the need for unity and proactive measures to combat violence.