Shooting Tragedy in New Jersey Linked to IELTS Centre in Punjab

Carteret, New Jersey – A tragic incident unfolded in Carteret, New Jersey, when gunshots echoed through the air, resulting in the tragic deaths of two Indian women. The perpetrator, an Indian-origin man, has roots tracing back to Nakodar, a small town in Punjab, which serves as the genesis of the violent attack.

From an IELTS center in Nakodar, Punjab, that the origins of the attack in the US are being unraveled, a distance of 11,500 km away across continents. The assailant, identified as nineteen-year-old Gaurav Gill, targeted 29-year-old Jasvir Kaur and 20-year-old Gagandeep Kaur, both hailing from Punjab. While Jasvir tragically lost her life to the gunshot wounds, Gagandeep is currently fighting for her life at University Hospital Newark, in critical condition.

Reports indicate that Gaurav and Gagandeep had crossed paths at an IELTS coaching center in Nakodar, where they were acquainted. Tragically, Jasvir, hosting Gagandeep at her home in Gorsian near Nurmahal, fell victim to the violent altercation that ensued on Wednesday morning. Gagandeep, studying in the US on a visa, had confided in Jasbir about her academic challenges, highlighting the close relationship between the cousins.

Gill, the accused, acted swiftly in the shooting incident, targeting Jasvir outside the house after an altercation with Gagandeep. The accused fired seven shots, claiming Jasvir’s life, leaving Gagandeep and the community in shock. As the details of the incident unfolded, Gill, who had also ventured to the US around the same time as Gagandeep, was apprehended six hours later in a nearby backyard, leading to his arrest on charges including first-degree murder and attempted murder.

The court proceedings following Gill’s arrest shed little light on the motive behind the shooting or any potential connection between the assailant and the victims. Regardless, the community, especially the families of the victims, grapples with the aftermath of the senseless act of violence that claimed the life of Jasvir and left Gagandeep fighting for survival.

The tragic events that transpired in Carteret, New Jersey, serve as a stark reminder of the devastating impact of gun violence, echoing beyond borders and bringing sorrow to families and communities worldwide. As the investigation continues and the legal process unfolds, the focus remains on seeking justice for the victims and their loved ones, while grappling with the profound loss and trauma inflicted by this senseless act.