Urgent Search for Suspect After Daylight Fatal Shooting Rocks Albany Community

Albany, N.Y. — Authorities are intensively searching for a shooter after a fatal daylight altercation in Albany led to the death of a young man and terror at a busy intersection during rush hour. The shooting, which occurred around 5:10 p.m. near the intersection of Delaware Avenue and Southern Boulevard, has left the community on edge as the perpetrator remains at large.

Responding to reports of gunfire, city police discovered a 21-year-old man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds following what appeared to have started as a verbal conflict in a nearby parking lot. Police Chief Eric Hawkins indicated the shooting was the result of a “domestic dispute,” but could not confirm if gang activity was involved.

Witness accounts and police reports detail a chilling scene where the victim, seated in a car with another individual, was targeted by gunshots from a pedestrian attacker. As the driver attempted to flee, the shooter continued to fire, discharging a total of 13 rounds. Tragically, the driver crashed the vehicle near a local Stewart’s store, and the victim succumbed to his injuries after bravely attempting to seek help despite his grave injuries.

Chief Hawkins described the assailant as a lighter-skinned Black male, whose swift escape from the scene has complicated law enforcement efforts to secure an arrest. The audacity of the incident, particularly at a heavily trafficked time, prompted an expansive manhunt and an appeal to the public for any insights that might aid in capturing the suspect.

The police department, combing through video footage and witness testimonies, stressed the importance of community assistance. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Albany Police urged anyone with information to reach out, promising confidentiality through their tips program.

In reaction to the shooting, community leaders expressed their displeasure over the violence, highlighting its senseless nature and the broader implications for community safety. Sandra Fredricks, a member of the Common Council, explicitly criticized the violent act as “unacceptable” and indicative of a deeper societal issue with conflict resolution.

Local religious leaders and anti-violence activists also converged at the scene, offering support and urging a stronger community response to what they perceive as a rising tide of domestic and potential gang-related disputes. Bishop Avery Comithier, involved in community peace initiatives, voiced concerns that despite hesitations to label the incident as gang-related, the patterns suggest a disturbing undercurrent of escalating group violence.

As investigations proceed, the Albany community remains under the shadow of this recent tragedy, prompting reflections on gun violence and public safety. Officials continue to gather evidence, hopeful that community cooperation will lead to a swift resolution and restore a sense of security to the shaken residents.

In the meantime, the police have set up a dedicated hotline and encourage the use of online platforms such as Capital Region Crime Stoppers for anonymous tips, ensuring that community members can safely contribute vital information without fear of retribution.