Trump Calls for GOP Unity and Unveils Sweeping Anti-Crime Agenda

Former President Donald Trump has recently emphasized the need for the Republican Party to remain “strong and united” as they approach the 2024 elections. In a town hall series organized by the Association of Mature American Citizens, Trump expressed his belief that the GOP possesses significant political power that remains untapped. He criticized the Democrats for their alleged misuse of power, likening their actions to those seen in a “banana republic.” Trump’s call for unity …

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Senate RINOs’ Surprising Stance on Biden’s Impeachment Announcement

In recent news, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has announced an inquiry into President Joe Biden, citing various allegations. “Today, I am directing our House committee to open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden,” McCarthy made a short formal statement at the U.S. Capitol and did not take questions from reporters. McCarthy highlighted concerns over Biden’s alleged coordination with his son, Hunter Biden’s business partners, particularly in relation to the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. …

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Here Is Why DeSantis Has Not Announced His Candidacy Yet

The Wallstreet Journal recently published a poll showing that DeSantis is ahead of Trump, 52% to 38%, among likely GOP primary voters. This is the second poll that has recently favored DeSantis. Yet DeSantis has not announced his intention to run. Here are some reasons why he may be waiting.