**CENSORSHIP:** Elon Musk and Australian Prime Minister Clash Over Social Media Ban on Stabbing Video

Melbourne, Australia — Elon Musk, the tech billionaire behind X, has found himself embroiled in a legal battle with Australian authorities over the spread of a disturbing video on his social media platform. The video in question depicts a bishop being stabbed in a Sydney church, prompting a judge to order X to block users worldwide from accessing it. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese criticized Musk, labeling him as an “arrogant billionaire” who believes he …

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Elon Musk Accuses Australia of Censorship in Global Social Media Battle

MELBOURNE, Australia — The clash between tech billionaire Elon Musk and Australia over censorship has escalated after a judge’s ruling resulted in X Corp., Musk’s social media platform, being required to block users worldwide from accessing video of a bishop being stabbed in a Sydney church. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese condemned Musk as an “arrogant billionaire” who is out of touch with the public and above the law. X Corp., formerly known as Twitter and …

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Attack on Salman Rushdie Exposes Rising Danger of Censorship in America

New York, NY – As acclaimed novelist Salman Rushdie was delivering a talk on writer safety in August 2022, chaos erupted when a knife-wielding individual rushed the stage, leaving Rushdie brutally stabbed at least 12 times. The incident shocked many, as Rushdie’s past experiences with threats of violence were well-documented, stemming from a death sentence issued by Iran in 1988 over his controversial novel, “The Satanic Verses.” Despite the passage of time, Rushdie had let …

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Louisiana Attorney General Reveals Shocking Truth about CISA’s Censorship Tactics

The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) cybersecurity agency has engaged in censorship, using the justification of “critical infrastructure security,” this is according to testimony from Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry. Landry appeared before the House Select Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government based on findings from the ongoing lawsuit, Louisiana and Missouri v. Biden et al.

Latest Twitter File Indicates It Wasn’t Only The FBI

Matt Taibbi published the most recent chapter of his “Twitter Files” on Christmas Eve, revealing that collaboration between the tech behemoth Twitter and intelligence agencies extended far beyond the FBI. In an extensive series of tweets, Taibbi asserted that the FBI was only the “doorman” to a broad operation of social media monitoring and control, spanning institutions from the State Department to the CIA.

Investigation Into Censorship Of Twitter Heats Up

Jordan’s office stated that the release of internal files by Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, had revealed an “ongoing surveillance operation” that exceeded FBI investigative authority and led to a coordinated misinformation campaign by Twitter and the FBI to suppress and censor free speech.