Durham Report Shows The Corrupted Elite And The Fact That America Is Losing Its Moral Compass

Author Margot Cleveland rightly pointed out that the most damning revelation in Special Counsel John Durham’s extensive report is not solely the FBI’s controversial investigation of the 2016 Trump campaign, known as Crossfire Hurricane, but instead, the disturbing abuse of power detailed in the report cannot be rectified unless there is a fundamental change in the mindset and values of law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Latest Twitter File¬†Indicates It Wasn’t Only The FBI

Matt Taibbi published the most recent chapter of his “Twitter Files” on Christmas Eve, revealing that collaboration between the tech behemoth Twitter and intelligence agencies extended far beyond the FBI. In an extensive series of tweets, Taibbi asserted that the FBI was only the “doorman” to a broad operation of social media monitoring and control, spanning institutions from the State Department to the CIA.