Kamala Harris Plays Dodgeball With DeSantis On Education Debate: Knows She Will Lose

In a recent series of events that sparked intense debate and contrasting viewpoints, Vice President Kamala Harris embarked on a visit to Florida, during which she took aim at Governor Ron DeSantis, accusing the state of attempting to rewrite history by propagating untruths in its approach to teaching about slavery. Her statements triggered a public response from Governor DeSantis, who, in a bold move, publicly invited Harris to engage in an open and candid dialogue …

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DeSantis Goes To War With NBC; Demands They Tell The Truth

On February 23, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis denounced the “media lies” about the Sunshine State’s decision to abolish the Advanced Placement (AP) course in African American Studies. DeSantis stated that the media attempted to manufacture a narrative in Florida.