Bombshell Discovery: Biden’s Stealth Scheme to Annihilate Student Loans Uncovered, Calling for Prudent Republican Oversight

Despite the recent Supreme Court ruling against the Biden administration’s proposal for student loan forgiveness, efforts to alleviate student debt persist. The administration has already taken steps to provide loan forgiveness through alternative means. One significant development from the Department of Education is the introduction of the SAVE plan, a revised version of the existing REPAYE plan. Both plans fall under the category of income-driven repayment plans (IDR). IDR plans operate by capping borrowers’ monthly …

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Biden’s Legal Woes Multiply as DeSantis Drops Massive Lawsuit

The Biden family faces multiple challenges, and Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida apparently wants to contribute to their difficulties. On Thursday, DeSantis, a Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential race, filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration intending to safeguard freedom in higher education. In an official statement, DeSantis criticized President Joe Biden’s Department of Education directly. Expressing his concerns, DeSantis stated, “I refuse to allow Joe Biden’s Department of Education to defund Florida’s top-ranked …

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The Resolution of the Debt Ceiling Crisis, Results in Huge Implications for Student Loan Borrowers

Student loan payments were paused for three years due to COVID-19. However, with the recent bill addressing the country’s debt ceiling crisis, these payments are now scheduled to resume. The provision in the bill specifies that student loan protocols will return to normal “60 days after June 30, 2023,” as stated in the Fiscal Responsibility Act, making August 29 the resumption date.