Time’s Up, Biden: The Outrage Grows as Over 117 Days Pass – Why the Delay?

One hundred seventeen days have passed since President Joe Biden made a promise to visit East Palestine, Ohio. The 80-year-old president made this statement after a lunch meeting with Senate Democrats on Capitol Hill. This pledge came amid increasing criticism from Republicans, Ohio officials, and East Palestine residents regarding the Biden administration’s handling of the February 3 disaster, where hazardous chemicals leaked into the ground and toxic smoke filled the sky after a Norfolk Southern …

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FEMA To Render Aid, But Only After Trump States He Is Visiting East Palestine, Ohio

After the train wreck and subsequent environmental calamity in East Palestine, Ohio, many people wondered why the Biden administration didn’t do more to help. Not even FEMA was dispatched to East Palestine. No one heard from the Secretary of Transport, Pete Buttigieg, about the incident until nine days had passed. When he decided to mention the train derailment, he acted like what happened was an everyday occurrence. The President also seemed unconcerned; mainstream media and environmentalists seem to not care.

Why Are Pete Buttigieg And The Eco-Friendly Hippies Doing Nothing?

Precisely what seems like the end of the world has descended upon a little village in Ohio. All the commotion about Chinese espionage efforts violating US airspace has, maybe on purpose, diverted attention away from what is rapidly becoming one of the biggest environmental disasters in recent memory.