Did the Supreme Court Just Hand Biden a Major Victory on Immigration? Find Out Now

Recently, the Supreme Court made a decision with an 8-1 majority to resurrect a deportation policy that was put in place by the Biden administration. The policy aims to prioritize the removal of individuals who are in the country illegally and pose a threat to public safety. The Court stated that Texas and Louisiana did not have the legal standing to challenge this policy, claiming that it was too lenient. Furthermore, the Court ruled against …

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Latest Twitter File¬†Indicates It Wasn’t Only The FBI

Matt Taibbi published the most recent chapter of his “Twitter Files” on Christmas Eve, revealing that collaboration between the tech behemoth Twitter and intelligence agencies extended far beyond the FBI. In an extensive series of tweets, Taibbi asserted that the FBI was only the “doorman” to a broad operation of social media monitoring and control, spanning institutions from the State Department to the CIA.