A Biden Family Affair: Three Subpoenas Issued by House Oversight Committee

As part of its investigation of the Biden family’s business dealings, the House Oversight Committee subpoenaed Hunter Biden, James Biden, and their business associate Rob Walker to testify before the panel. The Committee also requested transcribed interviews from James Biden’s wife, Sara Biden; President Biden’s daughter-in-law, Hallie Biden, the widow of President Biden’s son Beau, who later was romantically involved with Hunter; Hallie Biden’s older sister, Elizabeth Secundy; and Hunter Biden’s wife, Melissa Cohen. According …

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House Oversight Uncovers the Biden’s Foreign Financial Dealings, Subpoenas to Follow

House Oversight Chair James Comer told Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures that the Biden family will be served with two dozen subpoenas in the coming days related to the family’s overseas business dealings. “I think you’re going to see swift action on Biden, and I would predict somewhere around two dozen subpoenas in the very near future,” Comer said. James Comer, R-Ky., is leading the House inquiry into Hunter Biden’s foreign business entanglements and …

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Shocking Revelation: Joe Biden’s $200,000 Secret Payment Exposed

The allegations surrounding Joe Biden and his family’s financial dealings have continued to be a source of controversy and concern. House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer’s recent revelations have added another layer to this ongoing investigation, shedding light on a direct payment to President Biden himself. On Friday, Comer’s evidence suggested that the Biden family’s financial activities have reached the highest echelons of power. The most striking piece of evidence is a $200,000 check written …

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Justice on the Line: Senators Call for Special Counsel to Investigate Biden’s Bribery Claims

Several Republican senators in the US Senate are urging Attorney General Merrick Garland to assign a special counsel to investigate allegations of bribery related to President Biden and his family’s business affairs abroad. Senators, including Marsha Blackburn, JD Vance, and Mike Braun, wrote a letter expressing their concerns and highlighting the claims that Biden received a $5 million bribe while serving as Vice President. The allegations also involve the Ukrainian businessman who allegedly made the …

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Comer: Key Informant in Biden Probe Missing

Republican James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, stated on Sunday that the committee’s efforts to locate a key informant in their investigation into President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and various other members of the Biden family had been unsuccessful.

Joe Biden is Preparing to Pardon Hunter

Hunter Biden’s father, Joe Biden, is already attempting to prepare the public for a pardon. Biden’s attorneys believe they can clear him of all the crimes the entire Biden family committed by accusing Hunter of petty infractions. Hunter could only plead guilty to a lesser charge and escape with a warning. Joe Biden, the president, can help him remove anything that sticks later when everyone’s memories won’t be as fresh.

Biden’s Dangerous Tactics Are Depleting The U.S. Oil Reserves

Biden’s response to rising gas costs has included tapping into America’s oil reserves. The idea was that if external oil supplies were shut off, the U.S. could use the stockpile to keep the country going. Biden administration is using the oil reserves for everything but its intended purpose.