Race, Guns, and Controversy: The Scandalous Tale of a Senator’s Juneteenth Fallout

Senator John Fetterman faced criticism on Twitter after his Juneteenth post, with users pointing out his past incident involving an unarmed black jogger. Fetterman’s tweet celebrated Juneteenth and emphasized the importance of acknowledging systemic racism in America. However, some users reminded him of an incident in 2013 when he pursued and pulled a shotgun on an African-American jogger, mistakenly believing the jogger was involved in a shooting. Former Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh called …

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The Recent Debates: What You Need To Know

Abortion, crime, and inflation dominate debates in four states on debate night. Tuesday evening was American debate night. Two weeks before Election Day, candidates in some of the nation’s most competitive races gathered on stage, with early and postal voting underway in many locations.