Houston Judges Express Concerns Over Courtroom Safety and Security Measures

HOUSTON, TEXAS – After a Nevada judge was attacked, concerns about courtroom safety have been raised. The attacker, who will return to court on Tuesday, now faces additional charges. The judge suffered minor injuries, and a courtroom marshal was hospitalized with a head gash and dislocated shoulder due to the attack. In response to this incident, judges in Harris County are now addressing safety concerns. Harris County Justice of the Peace Judge Joe Stephens expressed …

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The Biden Administration Is Drastically Reshaping The Federal Court.

After two years of Biden’s presidency, the White House and Democratic senators have installed more federal judges than Biden’s two immediate predecessors. A desire to counter Donald Trump’s legacy of stacking his judiciary with young conservatives who lack racial diversity is evident in the rapid clip. Biden has confirmed 97 lifetime federal judges to date, outpacing both Trump (85) and Barack Obama (62) at this point in their administrations.