FEMA To Render Aid, But Only After Trump States He Is Visiting East Palestine, Ohio

After the train wreck and subsequent environmental calamity in East Palestine, Ohio, many people wondered why the Biden administration didn’t do more to help. Not even FEMA was dispatched to East Palestine. No one heard from the Secretary of Transport, Pete Buttigieg, about the incident until nine days had passed. When he decided to mention the train derailment, he acted like what happened was an everyday occurrence. The President also seemed unconcerned; mainstream media and environmentalists seem to not care.

Heartless Biden Administration Refuses Aid To East Palestine, Ohio, And Blames Donald Trump For The Disaster

President Joe Biden’s administration denied Ohio Republican Governor Mike DeWine’s request for disaster aid because the occurrence did not meet the criteria for a national disaster declaration. FEMA considers tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes natural disasters, but a train derailment with a huge toxic chemical payload does not qualify as a national disaster. Rainbow rivers, toxic clouds, lots of dead wildlife, a god-awful smell, and contaminated drinking water do not qualify as a national disaster under the Biden administration.