Republican candidate in Florida chokes Democratic fiancee during heated political debate, say police

Miami, Florida – A heated political debate took a dangerous turn when a Republican allegedly choked his Democratic fiancee in Florida, according to officials. The incident occurred during a disagreement over politics between the couple, escalating to a physical altercation. The accused Republican reportedly became agitated during the debate, leading to an argument that quickly spiraled out of control. Witnesses at the scene stated that the situation turned violent, with the man allegedly putting his …

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Assassin Suspected: Slain Belfast Murder Suspect May be 7th Victim of Republican Hitman

BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND – A man who was out on bail for the alleged gangland killing of Shane Whitla has been fatally shot in Belfast. Kevin Conway, 26, was gunned down in the western part of the city on Tuesday night. Conway’s death may have marked the seventh victim of a prolific republican assassin, raising concerns about the escalating violence in the region. The suspected hitman, believed to be a dissident republican, has been linked …

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Republican Lawmaker Warns that Allowing Tax Returns to be Made Public Will Open the Floodgates

The House Ways and Means Committee received Donald Trump’s tax returns on Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. The Republican Party is outraged that the Democrats may release them.

However, one Republican lawmaker was ridiculed after issuing a dire warning in which he insisted without evidence that Democrats releasing Trump’s taxes would open the floodgates and allow the tax returns of ordinary citizens or even Supreme Court justices to be made public.

Republicans’ New Message To Woke Corporations – Get Out Of Politics

In September, the American Conservative Union circulated a “woke congressional leadership pledge” to Republican candidates seeking leadership positions. The message was in regards to a new unified approach to censuring firms that have gone woke. Supporting this concept was the first step in earning their support.

The State Of The Mid-term Elections and What Happens Next

Both parties were preparing for a long wait for the final results of the senate and house elections. The euphoria of Tuesday’s election night, during which the Democrats performed considerably better than either party anticipated, has evolved into a multiday grind.

Big Changes To The IRS If Republicans Take Control

Three Republicans running for chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, which oversees tax and trade policy in the House, each that that shedding light on the IRS’s conduct and policies is a top priority.

MAGA  an Extreme Threat

According to Biden, MAGA is an extreme threat to the nation. In fact, it is so extreme that he will use prime time tv on Thursday to address the issue. The timing, of course, is the mid-term elections in November. This is the same President that ran on a platform about uniting the country. The same President said he was reducing the deficit with the Inflation Reduction Act only to turn around and increase the deficit the next month. The same President who uses a 2003 law and a national emergency (Covid-19) to justify student loan forgiveness.

GOP Accuses Biden of Buying Votes

In no way can student debt be ‘canceled.’ Biden is unfairly burdening hardworking Americans with debt they did not take on themselves, said Sen. Ted Cruz. The average cost to every taxpayer will be $2,100.00.