Jack Smith Alleges Trump Breached Release Terms: Is Jail Looming on the Horizon?

On Friday, the office of Special Counsel Jack Smith put forth an argument that former President Donald Trump might have breached his release conditions by buying a firearm. Trump’s representative denies any such purchase. The Associated Press reported that on September 25, Trump’s spokesperson, Steven Cheung, tweeted that Trump had bought a gun in South Carolina but later retracted his statement and removed the tweet. In a court document filed on Friday evening, prosecutors mentioned …

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Trump Blasts Out-of-Control Democrats for Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

The three declared GOP 2024 presidential contenders had something to say about the startling failure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) over the weekend, with the Trump campaign blaming the anti-America policies of the Biden administration and Haley and Ramaswamy all speaking out against a prospective taxpayer rescue.