Bombshell Discovery: Biden’s Stealth Scheme to Annihilate Student Loans Uncovered, Calling for Prudent Republican Oversight

Despite the recent Supreme Court ruling against the Biden administration’s proposal for student loan forgiveness, efforts to alleviate student debt persist. The administration has already taken steps to provide loan forgiveness through alternative means. One significant development from the Department of Education is the introduction of the SAVE plan, a revised version of the existing REPAYE plan. Both plans fall under the category of income-driven repayment plans (IDR). IDR plans operate by capping borrowers’ monthly …

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Game-Changing Tactics: How Republicans’ Genius Student Debt Strategy Leaves Biden in the Dust

Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s rejection of the Biden administration’s plan to eliminate over $400 billion in federal student loan debt, both Democrats and Republicans are proposing alternative solutions to address the impending student loan default crisis. President Joe Biden remains committed to fulfilling his campaign promise of blanket student debt cancellation but intends to pursue a different legal authority to achieve it. Republicans, on the other hand, are advocating for a “fiscally responsible, targeted …

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GOP Accuses Biden of Buying Votes

In no way can student debt be ‘canceled.’ Biden is unfairly burdening hardworking Americans with debt they did not take on themselves, said Sen. Ted Cruz. The average cost to every taxpayer will be $2,100.00.