Yellen Continues to Hound McCarthy About the Ceiling Debt, Ignores Biden

On Monday afternoon, Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen once again sent a letter to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), cautioning him about the increasing risk of the United States defaulting on its debt unless Congress passes a bill to raise the nation’s debt limit. Even though the bill would also need President Joe Biden’s signature, Yellen has consistently directed these letters to McCarthy, despite him and House Republicans already passing a bill that raises the debt ceiling and prevents default.

Florida Delivers Two Blows To Trump

Florida recently delivered two blows to the former president. The Florida Commission on Ethics denied a complaint by former President Trump’s associates accusing Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of orchestrating a “shadow presidential campaign.” Meanwhile, Fl legislation will allow DeSantis to run for president and keep his office.

Biden’s Ridiculous Proposal Wants to Tax Your Unrealized Capital Gains

President Biden and congressional Democrats have wanted “the wealthy” to pay their “fair share.” The way they want to do this should alarm everyone. Biden and the rest of the Democrats want to tax unrealized gains on assets such as equities, real estate, and collectibles would be subject to yearly taxation under their proposed tax reform.