Trump: Now Is the Time to Save America, Stop the Far-Left Radicals

“I am their number one target,” Trump stated. Additionally, he said he was glad to be fighting for America and would continue to fight for a long time; Trump told an exuberant audience at Macomb Community College.

The time to oppose this growing tyranny is “NOW.” – said Trump at a rally in Michigan. The Former President pledged to his Save America rally crowd in Warren, Michigan, on Saturday night that he would “continue fighting.”

Trump also stated that the far-left is no longer seen as socialist. Their extreme policies are communist in nature. The left fabricates crimes against political opponents (like the New York AG). They imprison their political opponents for years with no court dates (like the Jan 6ers). Their political opponents attempt a coup (the Russia collusion sham). Elections are stolen (2020 Election). They harm American lives by destroying the economy.

In six weeks, the people of Michigan will vote to remove your radical-left Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, and you’ll send a very excellent person — a very, very fine lady — Tudor Dixon to the governor’s house, Trump added.

The decision in this election is simple: If you want America to deteriorate and crumble, vote for the radical-left Democrats, and that’s precisely what you will get, he said. We have a declining nation. If you want to rescue the American dream and stop the ruin of our country, you must vote Republican; he implored the crowd.

Trump urged Michigan voters on Saturday to support his Republican candidates, claiming they might “save the day” in the battleground state.

Two more years of “Democrat dictatorship” will “obliterate our country,” according to Trump. The Biden devastation must stop. Tyranny must be ended. The rigged the election must come to an end. These America-hating Marxists despise Americans and what we stand for.

They will destroy the filibuster, annihilate election integrity — which they have already done, to be completely honest with you, they will destroy the military, he added. Trump advised the audience that the democrats would absolutely “gut our military.”  The current party will “bankrupt the Treasury, trashed our currency, and incinerate trillions of dollars in middle-class wealth.”

President Joe Biden’s “criminal injustice system” was chastised by Trump.

“The Biden administration is completely corrupt,” Trump stated. They have imprisoned political opponents like the Soviet Union, and Russia did. Trump chastised the “political persecution” of the still-incarcerated Jan. 6 protestors, condemning the terrible circumstances. The Biden administration has locked up “dozens and dozens of political prisoners” in horrendous conditions – dreadful, horrible conditions. It’s so filthy, so nasty that no one wants to go there to look, and they don’t want to see it because it makes them sick.

In addition to Trump, Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon, attorney general candidate Matt DePerno, and Republican secretary of state nominee Kristina Karamo joined the stage.

These folks despise our guts because they fear this political movement, Karamo explained as Trump watched on. They can’t stop this MAGA movement, Karamo continued.

Trump said that his political movement was resisting “menacing powers.” He talked for around an hour and 40 minutes in front of an audience of a few thousand people. He slammed Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, labeling her a “radical abortionist,” he singled out a few probes into his behavior and even called out some fellow Republicans as weak.

Too many Republicans are scared and weak, Trump declared at one point. Stating that they had best grow powerful quickly, or you won’t have a Republican Party.

Trump talked about rising prices, energy expenses, and crime rates. He received thunderous cheers from the audience when he referenced his 2016 triumph over Democrat Hillary Clinton and his victory in the 2020 election.

“Now we might just have to do it again,” the former president added, hinting that he might run again in 2024. 

Dixon told reporters that her campaign was “within striking distance” of Whitmer. The gathering took place 38 days before a key election in which the GOP hopes to defeat three Democrats who control the state’s executive branch. Dixon, a Norton Shores political analyst, and businessman, talked for roughly 25 minutes before Trump hit the stage at 7:15 p.m. Dixon used her address to slam Whitmer for waging a “basement campaign,” and she pledged to make Michigan’s schools the greatest in the country.

Karamo said she planned to utilize the Trump event to rally supporters to knock on doors and talk to voters in her attempt to replace Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

“It galvanizes the troops,” said Karamo, an Oak Park instructor. It gets people to participate and aids in the propagation of the message.”

Trump backed Karamo, Dixon, and DePerno, the Republican candidates running against Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel in the Nov. 8 general election, and all three spoke at Saturday’s gathering.