Biden’s Immigration Phone App Makes It Easier For Migrants To Enter

By exempting many migrants from deportation, the new border policy of the Biden administration makes it simpler for migrants to avoid Title 42, a significant Trump-era public health order used for expulsions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

President Joe Biden announced on January 5 an enhanced legal avenue for migrants who might otherwise be deported under Title 42 if they can demonstrate a genuine need for protection. He has lately begun removing Venezuelans, Cubans, Nicaraguans, and Haitians while offering a legal avenue for those who have a U.S. sponsor and applying using a phone application called “CBP One.”

After Republican states intervened, the Supreme Court ruled on December 27 to maintain Title 42 in place for the time being despite prior efforts by the Biden administration to repeal it. Based on the Daily Caller News Foundation’s review of the application process of the mobile app, the new policy allows migrants to enter the United States if they meet one or more of the admission criteria, such as having a mental illness, a physical illness, a disability, being pregnant, or lacking safe shelter in Mexico. Additionally, anyone under the age of 21 or above the age of 70 and those who have been abused or threatened in Mexico are eligible to apply.

Former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott said this is just another move by the Biden administration to weaken our current immigration restrictions and open the borders. Scott said there is little chance of confirming someone’s allegation that they were ‘threatened’ or didn’t have safe lodging’ in Mexico.

According to the White House, the port of entry decides whether to give a migrant access for two years. The Biden administration will allow 30,000 migrants from the four eligible nations to enter the country every month as long as they have a sponsor and pass a background check.

According to the American Immigration Council, before the Biden administration established the new approach, Title 42 exclusions were only allowed to people who could make a fear claim. Between March 2020 and September 2021, just 272 individuals were given a Title 42 exemption and allowed to seek asylum.

According to Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) Communications and Government Relations Director RJ Hauman, the new procedure is the most jaw-dropping example of the Biden administration’s determination to let everyone in under the guise of legality.

Instead of attempting to stop an unprecedented influx of migrants, Hauman stated that they are promoting even more false asylum applications and innovating ways to process them in bulk.

At a meeting with the Canadian Prime Minister and Mexican President in Mexico City,  Joe Biden said he wanted migrants to have an easier time entering the country amidst record-breaking influxes at the southern border. During the fiscal year 2022, CBP encountered over 2,3 million migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Biden stated they were trying to make it simpler for individuals to enter the country by expanding the ability to do so, but without subjecting them to that godawful procedure.