This Is What Trump Had To Say After the White House Announcement

Former President Donald Trump commented on Monday after the White House Counsel’s Office announced that there were no visitor logs for President Joe Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware, and called the garage where Biden’s lawyers discovered a cache of classified documents “flimsy, unlocked, and unsecured.”

Biden is presently under an investigation by a special counsel regarding his handling of sensitive materials after at least two caches were discovered at his Wilmington home and a pro-Biden think group in Washington, D.C.

Trump wrote on his Truth Social account that the White House had reported no “LOGS” or other information on visitors to the Wilmington home and its now-famous, rickety, open, and insecure garage. Perhaps they are smarter than we believe.

He continued that this is one of what appears to be several locations where HIGHLY CLASSIFIED” papers are stashed “in a big pile on the damp floor.”

Trump’s remarks came around five months after the FBI searched his Mar-a-Lago property and seized approximately 300 papers with classified markings – some “top secret” – that the former president had not handed over to the National Archives as required by law. Trump stated that he had declassified the papers.

At the time, Biden had described Trump as “irresponsible.”  Trumped stated that Mar-a-Lago is a highly secured facility,”  equipped with Security Cameras everywhere, watch over by employees, and the Secret Service. Trump asserted on Monday, “I have INFO on everyone!”

Republicans on Capitol Hill sought the visitor logs over the weekend in response to reports that Biden’s attorneys uncovered a cache of secret information in the garage of his Willington house. While it is customary for the White House to maintain detailed visitor records, Biden’s attorneys claim no such record exists for his Delaware residence.

Monday, the White House Counsel’s Office informed Fox News Digital that, as with every president in decades of modern history, his residence is private. The White House then added that upon assuming office, President Biden reinstated the standard and tradition of maintaining White House visitor logs and publicizing them regularly after the previous administration discontinued them.

Meanwhile, a prominent Senate Democrat deems the Biden classified documents controversy “embarrassing” in light of prior Trump criticism.

Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Michigan, acknowledged that it was unflattering for President Biden to be caught in possession of classified information from his time as vice president after condemning former President Donald Trump for a similar incident. Still, she quickly shifted the blame to Republicans who wanted to investigate the matter further.

Stabenow that it is unfortunate that you stumbled onto a handful of documents, obviously not on purpose. Working with the Department of Justice, everyone concerned, and the National Archives, they’ve attempted to rectify the situation. From her viewpoint, it’s one of those instances they wish had never occurred.

The Democrat from Michigan then addressed Republicans such as Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin), who was also on the program that day.

She then added that Republicans are fond of this nonsense. Nonsense? She said let’s discuss investigations; let’s discuss anarchy.

Stabenow said that Republicans would interfere with the economy if they investigated Biden. She argued that the United States is witnessing an “industrial renaissance” under the leadership of President Joe Biden, as well as rising earnings and declining unemployment.

The Democrats apparently live in a different world than the rest of us. Guess they forgot about inflation, social security funding issues, the war in Ukraine, and an out-of-control deficit.