The Release of Footage From The Attack On Paul Pelosi Leaves Viewers With More Questions Than Answers

Three pieces of information were released to the media relating to the hammer attack at the Pelosi’s residence involving Paul Pelosi. The entire situation was bizarre, and it just kept getting stranger.

Three long-awaited media files relating to the attack on Paul Pelosi that happened in the early hours of October 28, 2022, were released.

DePape enters the dwelling.

The first video shows footage captured by a security camera that night outside the Pelosi residence. This was made public by FOX News. This video’s time stamp reads 5:06 on October 28. Since Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House at the time, it is possible that the footage originated from the US Capitol Police, which had cameras on the Pelosi residence. This would be eastern time, so the time in San Francisco would be 2:06 pm.

At the 5:04 am moment of this footage, David DePape is seen going around the home with nothing in his hands. He stares directly into the security camera, departs, and returns with a heavy backpack and a large bag in his left hand. The video then depicts DePape repeatedly striking a rear window with a hammer before jumping through the glass and inside the residence.

What was peculiar was watching DePape gaze directly at the camera, then leave and return with his backpack and luggage.

We also do not know if he returned to get his things or did something else after entering the property. There finishes, the video. There is no DePape video in the home at this time.

The greatest mystery is how DePape could go around the property, smash a window, and enter the home without setting off any surveillance motion detectors that would have summoned the police. If this video is from the Capitol police, whose job would have been to monitor the home of a high-ranking Congresswoman, they failed miserably.

The Emergency 911 Call

The second video begins with an early morning 911 call made by Paul Pelosi to authorities. This call happened at 2:23 am, around 10 minutes after DePape entered his residence.

This call sounds like a man requesting assistance. The fact that DePape is present and listening to the call is highly peculiar, and he even provides his name at one point to the dispatcher. The whole phone conversation is bizarre. Pelosi does not ask for help; the operator asks him point blank, and he replies that he doesn’t think so.

The CCTV Camera

The third video was captured by a police body camera belonging to one of the officers who responded to the Pelosi house that morning. The date and time stamp reads 9:32 am. If this is Greenwich Mean Time and the time zone was observing daylight saving time, it would have been 2:32 am in San Francisco or around nine minutes after the 911 call.

Ultimately the distressing video shows Paul Pelosi being struck with a hammer and the police response.

Observations include that Paul Pelosi is in his underpants, and DePape looks to be wearing the same clothes he wore when shattering glass in the rear door outside.

It is unclear who opened the door. Paul Pelosi had a glass in his left hand and a hammer in his right. The hammer was in DePape’s right hand, closest to the entrance. Could Paul Pelosi have opened the door while holding his drink? Why is he drinking if someone invaded his home?  

When the police came, it is also peculiar that Paul Pelosi hung on to the hammer and did not flee. Maybe because he was intoxicated?

Additionally, when the police arrive, they appear confused and don’t initially understand what is happening. It looks like a domestic argument.

Also, it looks like there is missing video content. The video concludes with both males lying on the ground, and what occurred after that time is unknown. Pelosi is lying on the floor, and neither officer has checked on him. 

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